Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • DDash
    09-23 04:44 PM
    Hi boreal,
    I had a problem with my wifes AP- they had not acted on it for 4 months I asked them to expedite it since we wanted to visit my father in law who was hospitalized for a medical condition- they did not respond to that request so I contacted my Senators office and asked if they could assist in this matter. They asked me for some medical documentation and faxed it to USCIS.. I noticed yesterday that her online status had changed to document mailed..we are still to get it but are optimistic that we should receive it soon.

    In the absence of any compelling circumstances though I am not sure how it would work. but I would definitely recommend contacting your Senators office.

    Thanks for this info. Would you mind sharing the fax number? Thanks in advance.

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  • ImmiLosers
    09-26 12:22 AM
    1)Incase my 485 application gets denied, can I start the process again and use the PD of my current application?

    2) Can I move to and start the GC process with another company and use the current PD (I140 approved, 180 days passed), even if my current company revokes I140 and my Job description is very different --- I'm assuming yes.

    3) What if I leave the country and come back after 2-3 years and reapply. Can I reuse the PD of my current application?

    I was told by a friend that the priority date is mine forever since my I140 is approved. Is that correct?


    YES YES YES - go ahead screw your smalltime employer

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  • truthinspector
    01-28 08:12 PM
    Although it does not feature in this article, Bush is using the word 'Guest Worker' more often these days. Any opinions about the emphasis on the word 'Guest' these days in Bush's speeches? Is there a covert message there? s/articleshow/1461553.cms

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  • bluez25
    07-26 02:45 PM
    Guys ... please help. I am trying to get PCC from my local police station and they are giving me hell time here... and I am running out of time. The local police station guys are saying that they will only give a letter in white paper (No letter head) and they are insisting that it will not be used. What shall I do and I have to submit my documents by tuesday by latest.....

    Questions for friends around

    1.. is the letter given by the local police station with out the letter head will e accepted in the Consulate?
    2.. If not can we get a PCC from the commisioner office?

    Please give me some directions.


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  • theperm
    05-07 01:52 PM
    I am suspecting it will not be favorable at all

    Please let us/me know ASAP.

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  • sac-r-ten
    08-07 09:34 AM
    Extremely sorry to hear this.I must be v stressful for both of you and your near ones too. Take help from professional conselling. Talk to friends and family. whatever you do, think v v v hard about it. let your spouse know about your feelings.

    I hope and pray that the matter gets resolved amicably.

    Take care.


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  • snathan
    03-28 04:22 PM
    As per my tax preparer's advice, I sent both the tax return and W-7 form to IRS ITIN Operation office in Austin, Texas. Is this the correct address?


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  • anzerraja
    07-20 03:19 AM
    Lately the members of IV have come to know that Aman Kapoor, the co-founder of IV has sold his house and spent around $64000/- towards the administrative costs of IV. This too was brought to our attention from a regular member like you and me, without which this would not have come to our knowledge at all.

    So some of the members have taken an initiative to reimburse Aman and other core IV team members with the expenses they have incurred so far towards the administrative costs of IV. Note that the time they have spent and the sufferings cannot be compensated. Let us do the least by atleast compensating the money. Please do not donate directly to IV funds.

    There is a funding drive in this other thread towards reimbursing the administrative costs of IV.

    Could you please pledge an amount ?


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  • darsh678
    12-26 03:17 PM
    No you cant do that. One should not leave country when 485 pending. Once you laid off from sponsor you can not do counsural processing also. Travelling in AP should be for a mimimum period. It will be big mistake, if you leave country without job offer. No one knows when they issue RFE for employment verification during your 485 pending period. If you do not have job when they issue RFE, thats it. Bottomline is, it is better to be employed during 485 pending and stay in the country to reply any RFE.

    Can we take vacation for 2 months when we have pending 485 and 140 approved for more than six months. I had applied for 485 and 140 when i was on h4 but have now lost that status...

    I plan to be under new employer with the same job description while going on for vacation and returning back on AP.

    Please clearify...

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  • Hermione
    09-27 11:09 AM
    Is there anyway we can help the family featured in this thread? Like helping them with funds to hire a good lawyer or something on those lines? Reading all the threads, I am somehow thinking of going for the Indian dream now (Yes, I have the Indian citizenship)!!! 6 years and my wife still does not know if she can live in this country or not!!!

    Hold your hourses until you hear the true story of this family. As I said, I tried to find their court decision online (court decisions are public documents), and it was not there. It means that they gave assumed names, also it probably means that they do not want people to read their court documents. I personally have seen asylum cases, and let me tell you, some of them are so full of lies, you would not belive your eyes (I have seen a guy who claimed his wife was beaten and denied medical services - he has never been even married!). I think their story goes like this - they came on tourist visas to visit her family, after that they stayed illegally for 2-3 years saving money to pay the lawyers, after that they paid a crooked attorney to buy some fake "proof" that they were persecuted and applied for assylum. Their application went to court, where judge suspected something was fishy. He probably asked for additional proof or obtained evidence that their documents were fake, and denied the case. That's kind of typical story for a denied asylum, and I would be very-very careful in trying to help them personally. If they get some relieve as a result of a broader legislation, like 245(i), I would not mind it at all (they will, because they have a pending I-130), but helping them while not helping people who decided not to go out with swinging lies and just stayed illegally... I would stay away from it.

    The article itself is pretty good, though.


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  • capriol
    04-15 02:49 PM
    Dear Friends:
    I would appreciate if someone could answer these 3 questions for me:

    As you know, when we submitted our 485 (AOS-EB) applications, we also submitted a copy of our most recent 1-94 card with it. This summer I will be leaving the US for 4 months, and on my port of exit will be surrendering the 1-94 card (a copy of which is with the USCIS). On return I will be receiving a fresh 1-94 card. Now my questions are:
    (1)Do I have to re-send the new 1-94 card to the USCIS which I receive upon my return?
    (2)Will surrendering the old 1-94 and getting a new one mess up my 485 record (in case those folks want to verify anything again)?
    (3)Have you heard of anyone who has had trouble re-entering the US with a pending 485; valid H1B visa; and no advanced parole?
    Kindly let me know; I have no attorney, and your input will be so appreciated. Thanks.

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  • pd_recapturing
    08-22 04:16 PM
    i sent u a PM. Please respond, if u can.


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  • dealsnet
    07-24 12:44 PM
    If your appeal for I-140 & I-485 in process, you are legal, and if you have unexpired EAD, you can work.

    If you have H1 renewed (less than 6 years) you can work irrespective of I-485 appeal result. If you are more than 6 years in H1B, you have to go back, if your appeal (MTR) is denied. (more than 6 years of extension is based on approved I-140)
    I have question Need Urgent reply

    I have H1B valid till FEB 2009 but it is not stamped on my passport. I entered in US with AP. and my I140 got denied I have sent the appeal and received the receipt for appeal. but after sending I140 appeal my I485 got denied. I have sent appeal for I485. Not received any receipt yet.
    I have renewed my EAD and travel document before I485 denial

    my question Is,am i legal to stay in US. I am just confused reading different posts with different response.
    can some some body help me understand this situation.

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  • frostrated
    09-14 04:35 PM
    I got it.
    I think it will take like 1month atleast to get LCA. After LCA approval they can apply for H1 .
    At this stage they might have spend money on LCA only + for attorney fee if any.
    Attorneys may charge the full fee upfront so they may have incurred full legal fee , minus H1 fees.
    H1 Govt fee is payid by employer so they cannot ask that . but if they paid for attorney , then they may ask for it.
    Your concern about a additional insert into the contract papers. Are the contract pages numbered? if so you are safe. if not :rolleyes:

    Any money spent by the employer for employment related expenses are employer expenses. you are not liable for them. If they push, inform DoL. Employment in the US is At-Will. The only clause they can enforce is to prevent you from using any of the knowledge you acquired with them (non-compete contract). As you have not worked with them, you are not yet an employee, and there is no legal standing for them to come after you.


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  • thomachan72
    06-11 06:10 PM
    I strongly feel that CIR should be brought back and our amends included by our lobbying. Next time CIR is brought back, I am sure favorable amends for H1b GC applicants will be included/debated. I am only concerned about why there are no updates from the IV core group so far. Lets hope the lobbying firm that IV has hired is keeping track of the "behind the doors" discussions to make CIR more pleasing to those who voted against the closure of vote.

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  • thepaew
    09-24 03:44 PM
    Okay - Good Luck! I hope that you get your GC and admit soon. Most probably, I am headed to a non-US program next year as I have waited too long for the elusive GC. :-)


    thanks for your advice. It is still OK if due to GC screwup, I cannot attend rather than my GC comes through next year, and I fret over why I did not apply. of couse, this is a personal choice. But, this is how I have decided to face the situation. I know of people who have applied 3 times and gone through. Also, deferrals for genuine reasons are allowed by schools, though not all.
    Also, MBA process is less stressful than say, applying to MS from India. Being in USA for last few years, we now know better about what is what.


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  • BharatPremi
    07-18 01:06 PM
    Depending upon the uscis announcement in a day or two (i.e,7/17 or 7/18)things may change for the short term so we will plan any specific action item after that.

    But for now lets continue to urge everyone we know in Texas to join IV to continue pursuing our efforts as much intelligent, elite and vivid group for acheiving our goals and objectives.

    Can I expect Conference call this Sunday (07/21) ? Please provide me the Phone number / Any password-Pin/ ANd time for the conference call.

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  • dentist1
    03-09 01:07 PM
    Hi I am very new to this forum and actually to all the Immigration related forums. Here is what my situation is.

    I was working for a company A, got my PERM and I140 approved on EB3 and filed my I485 on with PD August 2007. I have also have the EAD and AP and am working on EAD as my H1 got voided after getting laid off from Company A on 2009. I am working with a company B with a higher salary than company A. This company didnt want to deal with USCIS and my agreement with this company does not allow me to discuss immigration matter with them. Now I got a new offer from company C with similar or slightly higher salary. Company C is ready to do my paper work.

    Now I need to know what are the things that I can do.
    1. Do I need to file PERM, I140 again on EB2?
    2. Do I need to file for H1 again and complete the entire process?
    3. What is and how to do EB3 to EB2 porting? is that all I need to do?

    Please give me some advice. Thanks in advance.


    What is so urgent about this post.Please change the title.

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  • tamil12
    10-15 02:04 PM
    I think you must have a valid H1B stamped in your passport to get H4 stamp for your wife.

    01-02 01:53 PM
    I am in my 8th year extension which is ending in April, My attorney think its 100% win case for one main reason

    my labor is filed EB3 Skilled worker

    he mentioned with in EB3 there are 2 categories Skilled and professional

    for EB3 professional USCIS has complete authority to deny based educational requirements and they can define educational requirements based on job profile.

    but for eb3 skilled employer has complete discretion of defining edu requirements.

    mine was filed in eb3 skilled and ETA clearly says client will accept 3 year foreign degree.

    h thinks any second eye would have approved this but it was unfortunate to be processed by a adjudicator who does have comeplete knwledge and does not know difference between eb3 prof and eb3 skilled

    his plan of action is to send them evaluations from multiple academies as you guys have mentioned.

    and it looks very fishy from the denial letter

    denial states I have now taken any maths courses in graduation but course in physics and chemistry in graduation, and one math course in intermediate which is not sufficient.

    and maths is mentioned between physics and chemistry we don't know how he could miss that, Intermediate transcripts does mention mathematics.

    I can paste exact content of denial by tomorrow.

    11-10 04:03 PM
    WOW...its amazing to see how a simple thing (in my opinion) like volunteering can be such a big deal.

    While it is legal to work on a L-4 why are H-4s not allowed to work? Beats me!

    yes - unfortunately that's how it is. The simple funda is "never work for free". it is a competitive and exploitative world - I have seen so many people working as volunteers coming as contractors for 2 months , 3 months work - they get hired by unscrupulous managers who want to get work done for free. They are promised employment after 3 months contract and all sweet words ... this happens in big companies too - they will use and throw you to keep their job. Many a time they may not even acknowledge that you were there.

    Keep looking for a job and work hard towards a job - you will definitely get one.

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