Sunday, June 19, 2011

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  • purgan
    04-13 10:13 AM
    USINPAC, for instance, promotes its role in the India-US nuclear deal.

    It has also listed immigration as one of its issues, but all it cares about there is family immigration, so all those citizens can sponsor their own relatives. A bunch of A$^#^

    himu73, why don't you try to contact these two oganizations + USINPAC to see what kind of traction you can get? The core is busy and needs all the help it can get. Are you upto it?

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  • kishdam
    03-19 12:16 PM
    I-140 withdrawal is not mandatory but it's good for both - employer and employee.

    Not sure how withdrawing an approved I140 is good for the employee??

    The general feeling is that I140 withdrawal is not necessary for the employer (but H1b is). But employers used to do this for labor substitution - now there is no such incentive. But still some lawyers suggest employers to do this - in my old company which is a large well known software company (with 10k+ employees worldwide) the HR group follows immigration attorneys almost blindly. All immigration issues are handled by a big law firm - many of regular immigration matters are done by paralegals who does not know much (I am not exaggerating when I say I know more than them) - but our HR has a policy that they would follow what those attorney/paralegal is saying. It seems the law firm is suggesting them to withdraw all applications including approved i140 - obviously the law firm would charge them for this so that is their interest.

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  • shishya
    09-27 02:19 AM
    AFAIK, your visa status will not affect day-trading. You just need to specify the gain/loss when you file taxes (like anyone).

    That said, I believe you are aware of the requirement that you need to have a minimum of $25K in your account to do day-trading. And also the risks involved in it.

    My 2c as some one who tried it, play only with money you can afford to loose (as you WILL most of the time) and get out if you have to, without emotional attachment.

    Have fun and BE SAFE!!!

    Thanks for the honest and to-the-point answer Yagw. Yes, I am aware of the risks involved and therefore never EVER exceed the threshold I set for myself. I am not new to stock market having been in it for the past four years -- not that that makes me ANY safer than a newbie though.

    Appreciate your advise of caution, will definitely keep that in mind.


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  • santb1975
    02-15 01:38 PM
    We have two more weeks for this campaign.

    BUMP for our Dear friends and wishing for more participation

    4 people confirmed for this event so far


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  • rhdiln
    06-06 03:23 PM
    I was associated with allied informatics for 4 years. My experience is very bad with company. Please be careful. they are bunch of bad people.

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  • tabletpc
    11-30 12:41 PM
    Just occured to me..

    I am single now does it work to add my spouse later..???

    1. Before approval ..??

    2. After approval..???

    does it also take years to add spouse (like US GC) if i marry after my PR gets approved..???

    Thans in advance...


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  • sameer2730
    06-21 09:28 AM
    @sameer2730 : So when you made the mistake "Country Of Citizenship" on your EAD eFile, how did you get that corrected? Did you send in a "Request For Correction" along with your supporting documentation to USCIS? Did they send you an RFE or did they accept your docs and approved your EAD?
    Sent the request for correction with my supporting documents.

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  • jayleno
    12-02 03:01 PM
    Yes. Thats true. If you are not eligible for any other H-1extensions(i.e. labor filed 365 days before etc), you can apply for premium processing for I-140 if your H-1 is about to exprire. However, the extension can only be filed with a copy of the approved I-140. You can also do your H-1 under premuim processing if you are running out of time.
    I think its better if you just go ahead and apply and pray everything works according to plan.

    FinalGC, Thanks for your reply. I am partially paying for this process. I heard that if the labor is approved and h1b is about to expire, I can apply I-140 under premium processing due to a recent rule change. Is that true? If so, will I be able apply concurrent I-140 and h1B extension?


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  • augustus
    07-13 01:33 PM
    You are right. Suits are the way to go. Let them know we are no scum bags!!!! GO PEOPLE! Dress up... Have your day!!

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  • nozerd
    01-15 11:02 AM
    If you are not that serious about Canada and are cool with being rejected dont take the test. If they were ok with passing you anyways they wouldnt have specifically asked you to take it.
    IELTS is more widely accepted and has more centers in the US than the other test.


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  • sriramkalyan
    05-18 11:28 AM
    I am scared to death .. I have EAD ...hELP .. cAN I WORK FOR 2 COMPANIES.
    Can i move around the jobs ..Please i can't sleep ... all night i am just peeeeing.


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  • smisachu
    12-08 12:08 PM
    If you are making 200K+/yr, just bite your lip and stay put. There are very very few careers which give you such a good pay scale.

    I don't think you can do a MS in CompSci with out a BS with same specialization as far as understanding subject matter goes, but you could possibly do an MS in Information systems or similar.

    But it all depends on your GRE score. If you have a high GRE score with good percentile in quantitative section then you could get into a good program.

    I came to canada in 2000.I have been in USA Since 2003.
    I started the GC process in Ohio, moved to bay area in 2006,stated the process again, recaptured old PD( EB2 all the way). Was hoping to get GC in Aug 2008 when my PD was current for 2 months. Hope will get it this year.

    After moving to bay area I saw lots of engineer,mostly software, seemed happy with jobs. Started doing some search and found that this is one of the least stressful jobs in US with great salary and growth potential. There is no more growth in my field and it is very stressful and draining.

    Thanks for the views guys, would like to know if can do MS with a bachelors in non engineering field.


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  • dvb
    12-14 11:40 AM
    - My port of entry was Minneapolis/St. Paul.
    - Remember to please take ALL originals of the AP that you have (let the officer sort out what to do with them).
    - I had I-485 application receipt (or take a copy if you do not have the original) just in case (I did not need it, but why not!).

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  • mrajatish
    09-17 04:19 PM
    Given the current retrogression and the fact that you are from India, I would think 100 times before immigrating to US. I know this advice will be useless because you will probably think that "hey, look at this guy currently in the immigration queue and waiting for his GC, but advising my brother to do the opposite" - well, I have been in this rigmarole for too long to say that, if you have good opportunities elsewhere, think about them. If I knew about the problems of getting GC in US, I would definitely planned things a bit differently, just my 2 cents.


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  • reddyram
    07-18 12:46 PM
    First of consult some American Lawyer who is close to labor law , because even lawyers act at times with some point of interest , which need not be yours . There is no such thing as a "bond" in US ( Unless you are on L1 ) so to BOMK , you are fine.

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  • GC08
    07-08 08:37 PM
    Correct - None is the answer! My law firm (Fragomen) didnt ask for them when they submitted my docs on JUly 2. Maybe they are needed if the USCIS comes back with an RFE.

    I think if your case is pretty straight forward, there should be no problem without W2. What's the point to have it anyway? Some people do not even work for the petition employer since GC is for a future job. Right?


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  • chanduv23
    06-08 06:37 AM
    No point in bashing Indian companies. As they are going political on this issue, my cousin just graduated from School and does not have a job, his dad thinks that his son lost his competitve spirit and is unable to compete for a job, while we all know the actual situation which is pathetic for new h1b seekers.

    IV mebers - though our focus is on GC backlog and retrogression - lets all not forget that these are also big issues, especially new immigrants seeking h1b etc...

    For those who do not care about families - tearing families is the worst thing that can ever happen and if you are on that side, you will understand the pain.

    And for those who think CIR failed which is good for us - just think about the 12 million illegals and walk in their shoes - what goes through them - CIR is their only hope.

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  • matreen
    01-22 03:00 AM
    I am also in similar boat....please advice guys....

    what happend once you invoke your AC21 and travell on AP ......

    What would be the best answers at POE if they ask I am working for the GC sponsered Employer?


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  • senthil
    06-12 05:33 AM
    just the H1B filing receipt ( which is expected in few days of filin ) should be enough to be named "active" on H1B and no worry after that except finding an active project to work on.

    07-13 10:08 AM
    This is mistake. I got my EAD last year with validity only between 10/01/2007 and 01/01/2008. I called USCIS. They have asked me to send a new application for a new card with out the application fee. You probably have to do the same. Since it is mistake on their part you don't have pay any fee. Please talk to USCIS, they will let you know how to proceed.

    I agree with Eb2India, It appears to be a mistake or typo on the part of USCIS.
    You should approcah them. Hopefully they will react the same way as his case and you will get extended EAD. Goodluck

    07-12 06:58 PM
    fellow legal immigrations - this is my first posting on immigrationvoice.
    i have been following this site very closely and first of all let me congratulate the IV team - you are all doing a terrific job!

    now, i have read a lot of threads where employees say their employers do not give them the I-140 receipt numbers or the approved I-140s. this is sick! this is worse than bonded labor. employers with good ethics do not play such dirty tricks. this just plain sucks :mad:

    clearly, there are rules from the uscis itself that you can port your priority date to another firm as long as your labor + 140 have been approved. so NOBODY has the moral right to withhold your 140 or labor approvals. i keep hearing that "140 belongs to the company" .. good.. but what the heck does that mean ? does that mean there are laws that permit PD porting but in a way you cannot really do that coz certain companies are not willing to give u the approved 140s?... is this FAIR ? or is it time to put this as another ACTION ITEM to make it illegal for companies to withold 140 from their employees especially if they want to switch jobs ??? something to chew on...

    You are trying to fight against Business Lobby ...It wont work

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