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  • waitingnwaiting
    01-26 11:14 AM

    Andhra bags 7 of top 10 IIT ranks - The Times of India (
    HYDERABAD: Andhra Pradesh hit a jackpot with its students bagging seven of the top 10 ranks in IIT-Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), the results of which were declared on Wednesday. In fact, the state claimed the coveted top two ranks of IIT-JEE, with A Jitendar Reddy from Warangal emerging as the national topper followed by Uday K Shah from Hyderabad.

    Others from the state who bagged top ranks include Madhu Kiran (fourth), K Satwik (sixth), Janardhan Reddy (seventh) Sabarish Nikhil (eighth) and Neeraj Gopal (ninth). An estimated 30% of the 50,000 students who wrote the examination from the state cleared the test this year, with over 500 of them making it to the top 2,000 in the open category. A total of 65,000 students had written the examination from the southern region.

    Andhra students also scored well in the reserved category with OBC students from the state bagging seven out of the top 15 ranks in this section. Among reserved categories including SC, ST, OBC and physically handicapped (PH) the state secured over 50 ranks in the top 200 slab.

    Officials from IIT-Madras, who were in charge of the results, said Andhra students already account for 21% of the total student strength in IITs. "One should not be surprised by the performance of these students as they have traditionally done well. This year, the percentage of students from the state in the IITs might be higher than 25%," said T S Natarajan, director, IIT-JEE.

    While IIT-Madras, which conducted the examination, was criticized for the errors in mathematics and physics question papers, IIT experts said such errors could have actually worked in favour of the students from Andhra as not many would have been able to crack some of ambiguous questions. "Most front-rankers from the state cracked these ambiguous questions, which might have given them an edge over others," said K V Raghunath, vice-chairman, Narayana Group of Colleges whose students bagged five of the top seven ranks. Some other experts noted that a tough maths paper helped garner top ranks as students from the state have traditionally done well in the subject.

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  • tabletpc
    11-29 02:48 PM

    Can anyone help me with these information..

    1. To whom should we write the check for the applciaiton fee..??

    2. The applicaiton forms give the amount in canadain dollars, should we convert that to US dollar and make payment or any other options.

    3. The aplication needs to be sent to buffalo right...?

    I did get some informaiton online..but kind of confusin. So thought of getting it clarified here...

    Thanks in advance...

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  • gccovet
    09-04 10:12 AM
    Question : If I get H1 transferred to NEWEMP (basically work on H1 and NOT EAD), and CURREMP revokes I-140, will this effect my GC process. I intend to work on H1 and keep on renewing EAD based on i-485 filed. NEWEMP will be providing AC21 letter which will be send to USCIS after I join them.

    NO, I-485 filing > 180, also the I-140 is approved.

    1. Will there be any effect to my GC process in case CURR Company revokes I-140?
    No. if you send AC21 letter, you will not receive NOID (you might get RFE)

    2. Can I keep on renewing EAD even though I would work on H1 with NewEMP?

    Here is my thought -
    If you are on H1B until Dec 2009, you will have to file H1B Extention for 7th Year (I am guessing you are in your second h1B renewal). For any reason if you get denial for I-485, your H1B extention will also be cancelled, remember extention was given to you on the basis of pending I-485 (GC).
    so after DEC 2009 , it's the same wheather you are on EAD or H1B Extention.

    Let say if you start using EAD now, you will have 1 yr 5 months left on your H1B. if there is something wrong with I-485, you can file H1B from different employer (this will not count against quota, as you have unsed 1 yr 5 month left on your H1B), go out of country and come back on H1B (you have more than 1 year left you can start another GC process :))
    just my thought, you might want to validate this with any leagal expert.

    Thank you Amit for your response.

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  • anilsal
    12-02 11:41 AM
    What about the case wherein the GC is for a future employment with the same company? You may be currently on H1B with the company as an engineer, but the company applies GC as a manager because you qualify for EB2.

    Only if the company is stable, will it be able to get future employment GCs approved. If it is a consulting/body shopping outfit, then ...........????


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  • naresh515
    09-24 01:22 PM
    Hi All,

    Is there anyone planning to get H1-B/any visa stamping in Matamoras, Mexico in the next couple months? (I'm from dallas)

    Is there anyone who already went for stamping in matamoras recently....

    Please share your thoughts...

    I'm planning to get my H1-B renewal stamping next month...

    Thanks for all your replies in advance!!!


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  • frostrated
    06-25 01:17 PM
    Here are the questions that I have:

    1) As per recent news, a lot of applications are PRE-ADJUDICATED. Now does this mean that those applications will be adjudicated when their PD becomes current , meaning to be approved based on a current PD , does the application has to go through the process of adjudication. Or does it mean adjudication is defined as "processing complete but is independent of PD being current or not" . What does the adjudication means in the above particular context.

    2) IN this particular question, the answer does not specifically mean PD being current or not. It only mentions that "need to have job offer when AOS is being adjudicated". If you interpret it this way , then yes PD being current or not does not matter. And you will need to show u have job offer. BUT if definition of adjudication also involves approving the I-485 then one can argue that yes unless ur PD is current u cannot be approved and hence u do not need to have job offer if your PD is current.

    I would like to know what various attorneys think about this

    1. My view on pre-adjudication is that they processing is done on the application and is put in an approvable status. once the PD is current and the immigrant visa number is available, then such an application can be approved. but it has to be noted that these applications can be reviewed again before approving and can be denied at that time.
    2. when an AOS application is being adjudicated, if the underlying terms of the 485 application are not satisfied, then it can be denied. it does not matter if the PD is current. the 485 is based on the 140, which in turn is based on a bonafide job. using ac21, you can change employers, but i still feel that you need to be employed in a similar position and not looking for a similar position.

    any thoughts anyone?


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  • eager_immi
    07-17 03:10 PM
    Immigration Voice Announcements

    UPDATE AT 3:15 PM EST TUESDAY: The latest update we received is the annoucement to be made soon will be as follows:

    DHS will be rescinding its July 2 update and the initial July Visa Bulletin will take effect for 31 days � i.e., all employment-based green card categories (except for the �Other Workers� category) will be �current� and CIS will accept applications through August 17.

    DHS will issue a press release to this effect later today.


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  • Bpositive
    01-02 10:41 AM
    Appreciate the concern was whether a potential H1B denial would cause problems at port of entry when using Advance Parole...


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  • singhsa3
    07-20 04:44 PM
    I will try to answer to the best of my knowledge but I am not an attorney.

    Your case fall in family based 2A preference, the PD date on which is July'02, which implies people in your situation who applied in July'02 are being adjudicated. So obviously, thats not an option for you, if you want to come immediately.

    You child can come here on vistor visa. The issue you will run into is that even though visa can be granted for 10 years but she cannot stay for longer than 6 months at a stretch and some months gap before re-entring in the USA.

    Second option is writting to consulate and department of state to issue visa on compassionate grounds. Issuance of such visa is rare but they are there. You probably will need to show extreme hardship and very few (even attorneys) are in position to advise you on this matter.

    So my suggestion will be to go to your nearset consulate and discuss the matter with consulate officer/visa officer.

    I and my spouse both have green card. We have a kid who was born in INDIA. He has not visited USA till now. The kid is about 2 years.
    We are planning to bring the kid by end of this year to USA.
    So what visa should we apply for him we are not sure :confused:

    A friend told that he had a baby born to him in india and came to usa with in the 1st 6 month to USA and since both parents were having green card, at port of entry in USA, the kid also got greencard for 5 years this was couple of years back.

    But in my case, the kid is 2 years AND also not sure what is the procedure now. Is it still true by default the kids automatically gets the green card at port of entry (Is there any age limit I hope may be till < 13 yrs) if parents posses valid green card. Please help me in this situation.

    Thanks in advance, ;)

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  • desi3933
    02-18 06:17 PM
    I have a Green card and also my wife has GC .My wife is expected to deliver a baby.Shw wants the delivery to be in India and then come that case what VISA will the new baby have to apply US when my wife returns back to US.

    Appreciate your help in this regard.

    She has come back to US before child turns 2 and it must be their first trip to US. No visa is needed for child and child will be provided green card on arrival.

    You need to carry documenation with you as not all airlines are aware of this rule that child can travel without visa.

    Again, it must be their trip back to US after child's birth.

    Not a legal advice.


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  • kak1978
    08-04 04:46 PM
    We are in the same situation, I was researching this online in different sites and yes, you have to return before your old AP expires or leave only after your current pending AP is approved. If your current AP expires while you are away you are considered to abondon your adjustment of status. Now i have read some people have done this without any problem, because may be the problem doesn't arise until your I-485 comes up for approval. So I have decided not to take any chances with this rule.

    The following message from murhy forum over 3 years ago is still true. Correct? I cannot mail the renewed parole to my wife if she stays beyond the expiry of current parole.
    It is not permissable for an individual to leave the United States during the validity of one Advance Parole document and return upon the validity of a second Advance Parole document.

    In such circumstances and after such travel, the USCIS may deem that the adjustment of status application has been abandoned.


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  • hopefulgc
    12-08 01:58 PM
    my cousin (think handle gcapnekbohi ) got his masters 1.5 years ago from university of phoenix .. through online program.
    Soon after he tried to interfile his eb3 app for eb2 and he is currently appealing his NOID... reason 'inequality of credit weights from online masters since they are not transferable'.
    Anybody know of anyone who has successfully gotten through to eb2 using an online masters? please pm me..thanks in advance.

    You should qualify for EB2. It doesn't matter even if it's online.


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  • VivekAhuja
    06-04 02:22 PM
    A few months of bank statements (with most recent balance)+ your tax docs for last year+ W-2 and most importantly a letter from your employer saying how long you have been there, salary and benefits, if any - should suffice.

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  • DDash
    04-04 11:49 PM
    I need some help with my situation. I am currently working for an employer A full time on H-1 B. I-140 Approved (> 180days) and 485 pending (July 2nd filer). I have my EAD. My H-1 is being extended and I have not received my approval notice yet.

    I got an offer from employer B for a consulting GIG. I would like to invoke AC-21.

    Can someone please answer my questions? :confused:

    1) I am planning on doing a H-1 transfer to employer B. Will it be possible to do H-1 transfer while employer A is extending my H-1?

    2) Should I let USCIS know that I am changing my employment?

    3) I have a job code that I used on LC. Should I maintain the same job code for H-1 transfer as well?

    4) I am not sure how big employer B is (not sure how many employees work for them)....does it matter? Should I be concerned if employer B is a small employer? :rolleyes:

    5) With employer A I make x dollars. LC reflects this pay. When I switch to employer B should I also make only x dollars or can I make more? :eek:

    Thanks in advance for you replies.


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  • Ann Ruben
    03-08 07:10 AM
    Hi Prem,

    Your sister will certainly be subject to greater scrutiny if she returns immediately to the US after an extended stay. Whether she is is ultimately admitted to the US or denied admission and sent back home really depends on several factors. First, can your sister persuasively demonstrate that she has strong ties to her home in India, to which she intends to return at the conclusion of her business trip? Next, can she document that she will be engaged in permissible B-1 activities of limited duration? And finally, on what side of the bed did the CBE officer wake up?

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  • humdesi
    02-17 03:59 AM
    Which was effectively nullified by

    "Default Re: Predicted Visa Bulletin movement
    Nothing was said, but logically, unless there is worldwide EB3 movement, EB2 for China and India can't advance. EB for India and China have already maxed out for the year and all additional movement is based on leftovers from the rest of the world."


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  • njboy
    09-20 10:41 AM
    dont look a gift horse in the mouth

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  • prem_goel
    02-04 04:12 PM
    Attorney's please advise. My sister has an active job offer where we would like to explore this opportunity if any of you can help us in handling it. I need to know if this is possible under the law and if you can help us? Please reply and I'll contact your office.

    Much thanks in advance.

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  • Rockford
    07-17 02:11 PM
    Excerpt from Gregs blog and comments :(

    "Things are going SOUTH . No agreement and No relief.
    Class action is the only option. USCIS just wanted to test the waters and now they don't want to settle. Every thing else is just rumor mill. Every one who claimed to know the insider info was just taken for a ride. Welcome to beltway politics 101."

    Guys take it for what it is worth. I am off to work.... :)

    04-07 08:49 PM
    The non-profit organizations that meet the following criteria are cap exempt:

    1. A nonprofit organization or entity related to or affiliated with an institution of higher education, as such institutions of higher education are defined in the Higher Education Act of 1965, section 101(a), 20 U.S.C. section 1001(a)

    2. A nonprofit research organization or a governmental research organization, as defined in 8 CFR 214.2(h)(19)(iii)(C)

    Now read page : 54 of the following link for (2):

    Please share your understanding.
    I have questions about working for a nonprofit that is not a research organization.

    11-25 06:01 PM
    To all IV members (and others), who have decided not to participate in the rally due to various reasons, I request you to give a very serious thought, and consideration, before reaching the final decision.

    It's highly critical that we do this Rally and/or Lobby Day before CIR 2009 is introduced. If we miss the CIR next year, it may be difficult to get any relief to our community for many years. I agree with you that times are tough. But if we don't act now, it'll keep getting tougher & tougher.

    I don't live near DC, and if you are too, understand where you are coming from. However, there is still several months time for the planned rally. If you book in advance, you should be able to lock-in a lower airfare on a budget airline. It may be a good idea to cash-in any Frequent flyer miles etc. you might be having ( I'm just throwing ideas here)

    Get in touch with your State chapter or nearest state active chapter. If enough members like you step forward, you guys can sponsor a few members willing to participate.

    If you still think you can't, please pledge or contribute donations/contributions for the planned Rally. If enough members like you, step forward IV may be to sponsor some members willing to participate, but can't due to economic hardship (out of job etc.) IV would also need funds to organize an event of this magnitude, to advertise it and arrange it.

    If you decide to contribute now, you can do so by clicking the 'Contribute' option on the Homepage. If you decide to pledge, please post your pledge of support here.

    I am confident that we will make it a success with your support.

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