Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • anindya1234
    07-17 10:32 PM
    The link is not working

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  • kami97
    06-10 01:40 PM

    Took TST last week, positive (16mm), X-ray negative, civil surgeon marked "Class B, Latent TB Infection" on I-693, and gave me a notes saying that since May 2008, TST>10 will be marked with LTBI, and advised me to go to Health Department.

    Same as many of you guys, had taken vaccines when young. Have been in US for 11 years. Pretty sure I don't have TB. What should I do? Does LTBI affect 485 approval? How about AP/EAD? Will USCIS ask for evidence of TB treatment?

    Thank you very much!

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  • Jaime
    09-07 03:05 AM
    How many more before Congress acts?

    How many more of us need to leave???? Let's not wait and find out! We love the United States and want to continue to contribute to its growth, world leadership and well-being. Don't let short-sighted politicians prevent you from securing what you have rightfully earned: The Right to contribute to the U.S. in peace and freedom, without abuse, without discrimination, and without the constant threat of being uprooted and kicked out the door like a piece of used old furniture!!!

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  • saravanaraj.sathya
    08-22 03:07 PM

    Thanks for your kind reply. I am new to Buffalo, NY. Just moved from California. I dont know much ppl here. There is lots of indian community here but dont know why none is responding. If I can find one guy also I can book a car and drive there for rally.

    if no one responds here, please find a friend in Buffalo to travel with you!
    or in Rochester or Syracuse or something. Plesae help spread the word about the rally. The University most definitely has affected folks- in fact it has oodles of them! let us know hoe we can help you with motivating people to come...if you could collect enough bus could start in Buffalo and work it's way down...


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  • ujjvalkoul
    01-17 05:21 PM
    huh!!! no responses...Am I the only one with this issue????

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  • permfiling
    01-18 10:47 AM
    If it is a big company, the lawyer fees is not small, they charge about 15K for the whole process and if they add liquidation damages(marketing efforts), it might be bigger.
    Talk to them if you have not started work, you might just have to pay the H1B fees

    I dont think it is reasonable amount if it is 15k then why the employer will bother for a H1 in the first place in this volatile economy...I think it is around 4000k etc


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  • ilikekilo
    04-19 06:11 PM
    When you go for a loan against the credit card balance, there are two types.

    1> 0% to 1.99% short term loan with 3% transfer fee.
    2> 4.99% to 5.99% LIFE time loan with 3% transfer fee.

    The key thing for both the loan is...

    1> Never EVER use the credit card that you used to get the loan UNTIL you repay the loan completely..
    2> When you go for the loan, ensure the balance on your card is zero. If you have a balance, ask them to pay off the balance from the loan amount and send the reminder.
    3> Always pay on time at least the minimum balance. Never miss a payment. Ensure this credit card doesn't have universal default clause, meaning, if you are late on any other credit card then you are considered as late on this card.

    If all the above three points are acceptable, I suggest CC loans. Otherwise, look for other options.


    Right, also I believe #3 you mentioned is taken care of by the new law done b y Bama...I dont think so creditors can do that anymore..

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  • chanduv23
    03-14 12:58 PM
    Don't ignore Dubai. It is a boom town and will give red carpet welcome to your wife because she is a US trained doc. I know of a few Indian docs who were on J1 visa and never got waiver jobs went to work in Dubai instead because with US degree they can practise there without any major issues. Dubai is good for IT folks too with the internet city. You may want to google and find more about Dubai's requirements.

    hopein07 - thanks a ton again

    Thats news. We recently had a layover in Dubai when we flew emirates and Dubai seems to be an exciting place.

    Any idea about Australia?


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  • go_guy123
    05-18 07:44 PM
    Unfortunately lot of fresh PhDs who apply as EB-1 even after getting a faculty position are usually denied on grounds of lacking enough professional experience. It is not easy to be qualified as a n EB-1 even if you have a PhD. So, most of the PhD's I know are in the EB-2 queue.

    Perhaps so. Because most ones I know (faculty) are in EB1. Actually
    a lot of denials can be appealed and they can get EB1. But often faculty
    arent aggresive about it and are fine with EB2. Patience is a virtue all PhDs
    have (live on 17K annual salary for 5 to 6 years followed by 1 year as post doc on around 30K) and you guys complain of 50K salary.

    However not many Phd are awarded each year and the impact wont be much. STEM Masters/PhD along with using of unused previous quota will
    make a significant impact.

    However based on past experience I doubt the Hispanic caucus will
    allow this to pass. H1B/EB reform is the sweetener for the amnesty bill
    they want to pass. Allowing this to pass leaves the most politically toxic waste to be left behind for CIR.

    However we should always try our best. Atleast they are taking of
    EB reform now.

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  • ho_gaya_kaya_?
    01-12 06:48 PM
    Hey Bhnupriya

    could you please post some tips on how to form the sample letter for I140 ?

    i need both I140 as well as copy of labor



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  • Dalai Lama
    02-23 02:07 PM
    What kind of RFE? what they can ask.

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  • gc_check
    10-07 05:32 PM
    Got an email from HR (Large US Based Tech company) sometime back that there is a possibility representative of the USCIS may come to work location to review an employees immigration petition and this appears to be part of USCIS standard procedure. Employees have been provided with HR contact details to contact, if it happens for anyone. This is not unusual and this could very well happen to any one. Just a routine procedure. Nothing to worry much on this as long as you provide the details and if you have not violated any laws, etc..


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  • ramus
    04-27 04:51 PM
    Fond this..

    Is this CIR in sanate?

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  • swadeshi
    08-31 12:30 AM
    OK so we're 1 million in the backlog. That could be a small country.

    Instead of spending hundreds of thousands on lobbying, we can just buy a piece of land somewhere (big enough to have a passport office building), get immediate citizenship in our new country and then USCIS will be able to process our GC applications within a year.

    Someone from Taiwan (and smaller neighboring countries) can get GC in 1 year but if you're from China you will wait 6-10 years. I am not sure of how much cultural differences exist between these two countries, all I know is that my Taiwanese friend speaks Chinese, goes to Chinese church. So much for diversity.

    So.. if anyone has the info on how to register a new country, I'd like to know.

    Sorry, its the wee hours and I just felt like posting this. Please close thread as and when desired.

    Is it your wishful thinking bloke? if it was possible our chinni bhai would have done that instead of waiting this long...


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  • reddymjm
    03-06 09:00 AM
    Hey fill in ur info.

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  • $eeGrEeN
    05-15 09:31 AM
    This is totally ludacris to me. Even though the bulletin expects movement going forward, there is no assurance that the dates will not go back. On the flip side, I am wondering if USCIS/DOS wanted to fully utilize the 140K visas this year and just moved the dates too much ahead. If thats the case, the dates might not move again or retrogress back further. DOS official Oppenheimer mentioned that atleast 10-11k were wasted last year. I still feel that the dates are going to go back some time sooner or later without congressional law changes.

    This means that we have to stay put and work towards our common goal of getting the system fixed.

    yup , rightly said....


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  • aquarianf
    06-25 10:22 AM
    As we all know that priority dates became current in the latest visa bulletin. My lawyer made all my paper work ready and is about to file my paperwork with USCIS today. I am not sure if we can file the application a week before it actually becomes current.

    I heard some people say that it's actually allowed to file 3 or 4 days before it becomes current. I also read reports that some people's application was rejected because it was sent too early. I am not sure what to believe here. Does anybody has any information on this?

    Wait till 1st July. My friend who send his application on 29th May still waiting for receipt number but other friends who filed in June first week got their receipt number.

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  • suresh.emails
    01-12 01:55 PM
    It was clearly written in the last 2 pages of any Indian passport that, one should not handover passport to any one; unless other wise MOE (Ministry of External Affairs), Indian Court has ordered so.

    It is illegal to:
    1. Hand over passport to any one
    2. Send through courier across borders
    3. To Mortgage passport (a set of people will do in some cases; when they owe money)
    4. In Possesen of others passport.

    The imprisonment for doing so is 6 months to 3 years in jail or fine or may be both (to the best of my knowledge).

    So be careful in doing so.

    P.S-1: Handing over passport to Consulate/Embassies is a different case and person should be in the same country where the consulate is while applying for visa?.

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  • logiclife
    12-01 04:44 PM
    I dont think you can amend the labor petition's job description. You may have to file new labor again for new description.

    If I may ask, why are you so worried about job desc of labor and your everyday duties. Really, if they have changed a little bit, its not a big deal.

    There is a lot of overlap between what programmers do, what programmers/analysts do and what Business analysts do. I know a lot of business analysts who at times write their own code and a lot of programmers who document stuff - kind of documentation that BAs do.

    People who adjudicate cases at USCIS are not really IT guys who can differentiate between fine nuances like BA, programmers etc.

    Then again, we dont know much about your case, better talk to a lawyer if you are still not comfortable with your situation. Forums are not an alternate to professional legal advice. Be careful before you act on advice from forums. No one here is lawyer and no one here knows the full case. Spending 200 dollars to get the right legal advice when making important decisions is worth every penny.

    You can also submit your question for the free legal advice program we have (see the homepage) and your question would be taken up.

    07-11 02:16 PM
    My EAD and AP application was received June 19, 2009 at TSC. To my pleasant shocking & surprise USCIS approved mine and wife's application in 20 days and we received the card today.

    We are happy with the speed and efficiency USCIS and wish they could do everything the same way. we received two year EAD but concerned as receiving a two year EAD indicates that it may take a while to get my PD (Dec 2005).


    that was a mistake :p ..... they meant to take 200 days..... but the guy who was doing data entry typed 20 instead of 200. So your EAD/AP got processed in 20 days..... in the end uscis did something right by mistake ...... we all just have to hope that uscis will continue to do these mistakes ..... without which no application can get processed in a timely manner.

    08-06 03:05 AM
    capturing visa numbers would put an end to our misery. and increasing the employment based visa will pave way for future immigrants. handling a few thousand more cases is not a big deal for USCIS(there may be performance issues but not like difficulty of hiring more people to do the stuff!). don't get panicky about the number. it should be lot less than you would think.

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