Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • benbear
    11-09 09:07 AM
    It is safe to say notice date in Sept equal to receipting by USCIS in Sept, because at notice date, USCIS actually open your file then send receipt.

    So,from , EB receipt in Sept vs. receipt in Oct = 2:1

    150k in Sept. include both EB(100K) and FB (50K).
    (Note: assume received FB every month 50K. 50K is a reasonable assumption,
    otherwise it's no way for USCIS to approve 800K AOS a year.)

    Since EB in Sept vs. Oct is 2:1, so total EB receipting in Oct. should be 50K.

    Out of the 655k total, the key is lead time for FB approval, how many month?
    This is the key! If we assume average FB approval takes 6 month,
    then EB out of the 655k is 655K-50Kx6=355K.

    Add the 50K EB in Oct. Total EB backlog is 405K.

    Still the key is average FB approval time, any gurus has any idea.
    I am sure the time is not 12 month. If it's 12 month,
    then EB backlog= 655K-50Kx12+50K=105k. :D:D:D Which is impossible!!

    That same link you gave tells us that 655k is pending/back-log for AOS....

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  • glus
    06-28 04:47 PM
    O MY GOD !! You are so right............guys.. check out Rajiv Khanna's web site, Check out Sheela Murthy's web site, USCIS.....everyone is saying the same.........we are royally screwed. God Helppppppppppp

    You are as stupid as what you wrote.

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  • snathan
    04-22 08:24 PM
    I am employeed in IT consultancy, and wants to change my employement as a permenent employee of the client.
    When i told this to my employeer he is telling me that he can file a lawsuite against my Client(New Employeer) on the bases of Small Business Administantion laws, stated below

    Although the contract does not specifically state that the client cannot hire the contractor (you) on a permanent job, it also does not state that the client can. Current Employeer comes under the category of the 'Small Business Administration' under the State and the Federal Governments. Both governments fully support the growth and looks after the interests of small businesses in the country. They have always done it and are even more supportive lately as a result of the struggle small businesses are undergoing in these bad economic times. I have been advised by the company attorney that I contracted you to the client purely on professional and ethical grounds for the benefit of Current Employeer business. If a giant company like Client just takes you away to their advantage, it may not be looked upon favorably by a small business court.

    Below is what is in the contract between my Employeer and Client.

    1. This agreement is for the sole purposes of providing the services of the Contractor�s employee XXX to (Client).
    2. Contractor will be an independent contractor of Company and will work on a Client assignment.
    3. Company will pay $XX.00 per hour to Contractor for all the hours of work and expenses approved by Client.
    4. All time and expenses should be entered into client�s system and should be approved by the concerned manager or project manager.
    5 Company will not pay contractor for any time and expenses not authorized and not approved by Client.
    6. Contractor shall be solely responsible for the quality of work performed.
    7. Payment terms shall be XX days net and will be made on a bi-weekly basis.
    8. The start date and the length of assignment will be determined by Client, and Company shall let the Contractor know in writing before the date on which the consultant starts working for the Client.
    9. Contractor reserves the right to offer consultant�s services to other clients until such time the Company and the Contractor executes this agreement as well as a project work order.
    10. This is the only agreement between the Contractor and the Company. Changes can be made in writing only and have to be signed by both parties to be effective.
    11. This agreement is subject to the laws of the State of Texas.
    12. Either party can terminate this contract by giving 2 week�s written notice, via email or physical mail. The notifying party must obtain proof of delivery of such notification to the other party.

    Can any one tell if there is any possibility of that

    It seems he is trying to scare few hundered dollars to an attorney and check.

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    06-02 12:55 PM
    July 07 485 filer with pd of July 2003 in EB3.
    EAD and AP available and can be used for AC21.
    Current H1 valid till 2010 July
    Got married after filing 485 and so wife does not have EAD etc and is on H4.

    Another company wants me to come to their company using EAD as they dont want to file h1. Can I use EAD under AC21 and switch jobs while my wife is still on H4 ?

    Is the EAD/AOS status change applicable only when going in and out of the country ? If we decide to stay in the USA till we get a GC, does it matter if I use EAD to change jobs though my wife is on H4 ?


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  • rockstart
    01-08 07:08 PM
    My friend while leaving US he did not surrender the I-94 card. Actually he forgot it at home and the airlines allowed him to board plane without surrendering I-94. What should he do now? Guru's does any one have any experience with such situation? Please help

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  • seekerofpeace
    07-20 08:12 AM
    I asked my lawyer specifically about this W2/bank statement/tax forms etc...All he needed was a employment verification letter.

    He won't send items which are not needed. Sending extra items doesn't improve or better your chances..................send them what they need if there is an RFE then only you are supposed to send supplementary documents.


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  • guygeek007
    07-23 09:25 AM
    InspectorFox, Jayant and Tina - Your prompt replies and advice are much appreciated.

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  • nixstor
    06-08 11:34 AM
    Sounds ludacris to me. Here is what I would do if I were you

    (1) Talk to your lawyer and see what he says. If your attorney wants to follow up with this officer and ask him why he needs everything from 1999, he might give a better answer.

    (2) Get a letter from the IRS saying that they do not have copies of the old returns.

    I myself don't have returns before 2003.


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  • satishku_2000
    02-21 02:34 PM
    In last report at Nebraska service center they were processing I 140 EB3 cases with receipt date of June 13th, Now they are processing applications with receipt date of Aug 02nd ...

    That sounds like a very good movement and unbeleivable...

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  • mbartosik
    08-20 06:35 PM
    I'm a UK citizen (waiting for GC), and one obversation that I have is:

    If you are very good in your profession odds are that you'll suceed in either country. But if you are average (and by definition most are) then you'll be at a disadvantage with respect to the locals when you go somewhere new, especially if you don't have good contacts.

    So I'd recommend thinking dispassionately about how good you are at your profession, and just as importantly how well that comes across in resume or interview. Do you have good contacts in UK?

    I'm not sure if "indefinite leave to stay" gives you access to the whole EU, but it's a path to UK citizenship which does give you access to the whole EU job market (language barriers permitting). It does suck that UK gov effectively retrospectively changed the rules for "indefinite leave to stay", but at least in UK there is an end date (unless they push it out each year). Here for some there is no obvious end date for the waiting.

    I also think that "indefinite leave to stay" may have a few strings (like GC six month in country requirement).


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  • jediknight
    01-20 11:12 AM
    Short pass plays

    Obama needs to stop Congress from doing the big comprehensive things and focus them on smaller and faster laws that help americans.

    The current healthcare, climate change, immigration reform should be broken up in dozens of smaller bills. They will either pass or he can paint the republicans as siding with the Insurance companies to block access to healthcare for people with pre-existing conditions for example.

    There are lots of parts in Healthcare, Energy, CIS, etc, that can pass right now and he should take a lead on that. Otherwise the base that voted for him in 2008 is not going to turn up in 2010.

    - JZ

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  • lkapildev
    11-26 10:44 PM
    I got my AP status online as Document Mailed to Applicant:

    What does it mean?

    Has any one got the AP after Document mailed to application status?


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  • eagerr2i
    07-16 11:37 PM
    W-2 is from the employer, that you got paid. Tax return is form 1040 you filed with IRS

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  • hmehta
    12-14 01:16 PM
    Best course of action would be to go to your Home Country during that stamping is not a big deal at all.....njoy your vacation...for you might not get this much off/free time in the foreseeable future!!!!

    You can not work after 7/9/2007.
    The end of the OPT will determine when you must stop working.
    The 60 days grace period is only for you to take care of business before you go back home. In your case you must wait for 2 months and 24 days before returning to work otherwise you will be in violation of your status.



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  • richi121175
    05-23 01:00 AM
    Is there any provision in the current bill to allow concurrent filing and have EAD even if the PD is not current? That can stop us from being exploited by some bad employers out there.

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  • lost_in_migration
    05-14 07:36 PM
    Thanks a lot coreIV


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  • sam2006
    01-21 04:59 PM
    I have contacted TAMU ( texas A M)
    USC ( univ of south cali )
    Penn State

    through some of my friends

    keep posted

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  • marlon2006
    06-14 10:52 AM
    Hi RC, that's just a nickname.
    My PD is April 2002. At Nebraska Service Center, I was able to file the I-485 on Feb 2005 and from there we've got our EAD.

    Yes, I know what you are saying about the one income, three people. There are many things to consider. We prefer that my wife invests more time parenting my child, therefore she is working only part-time. Part-time jobs typically are low income. It is hard to put your 1-3 year old child in a daycare full-time, you know. It is not the same than when you take care of your child, at least in my opinion.

    If you ever come to Seattle, just send me a private message and we can organize something here.

    Hi Marlon,

    BTW, did you change your username??
    We are in New York but if we ever come to Seattle we would love to meet you guys. How did you manage to get EAD for your wife? Is it possible on H4 before I-485 is filed and pending?
    We would love to have a baby next year and hope that my hubby will be able to work by then...otherwise it is one income and three of us :(

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  • perm2gc
    11-04 12:03 AM
    Here's my exact situation:

    - My employer is company A
    - I am assigned by Company A to Company B (corp-to-corp)
    - Company B assigned me to Client X

    - I want to move to Company Z
    - Company Z would assign me to the same Client X

    My non-compete clause says something like... Employee(I) cannot work to client of Company A within 1 year of leaving Company A

    Now, is client X considered as client of company A? I'm thinking that company B is the client of company A. Thus, it should be okay if I move to company Z and be assigned to client X.

    Any thoughts?

    you are confusing....

    What i understand is that you want to work for the current client with different consulting company than the one you are currently cannot do it as NCA will cover it .

    if You want you can fight..its upto you..Consult a good Attorny as our friends here have mentioned..

    01-20 01:46 PM
    Any EB3 here?
    Famous American Immigrants � Immigration Update (

    Even your link does not provide which category these immigrants came from - possibly because employment category did not exist, they came early in childhood with parents......

    Besides stop creating the rift between the categories in this forum!

    Einstein - Germany
    Madeleine Albright: Czechoslovakia
    John Muir: Scotland
    Joseph Pulitzer Hungary
    Felix Frankfurter: Austria
    Martina Navratilova: Czechoslovakia
    Irving Berlin: Russia
    Saint Frances X. Cabrini: Italy
    Mary Harris Jones: Ireland

    Edward M. Bannister: Canada
    Rita M. Rodriguez: Cuba

    Ieoh Ming Pei: China
    Subranhmanyan Chandrasekhar: India
    David Ho: Taiwan
    Ang Lee: Taiwan

    Hakeem Olajuwon: Nigeria

    05-30 07:11 AM
    Hi gurus, Please advise

    I have an approved I-140 and july 485 filer, also have valid h1 till 2010.

    I work for company X and have an offer from company Y.

    What are my best options now
    1. Transfer H1 to Y - if yes what impact would this have on my GC processing?
    should the new H1-B Job code match with my Labor Certification?

    2. Use EAD - the complication here is my desi employer filed my labor
    as an IT Manager which i am not and i am not sure the new employer would
    give me the matching offer letter.


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