Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • akkakarla
    08-06 07:56 AM
    They can be stressful but one should relax before going to AOS Interview.If one feels the attorney will help them it is better to take the attorney. But certain times the over enthuisatic attorney may mess the smooth going interview and never comes to terms with what we want them to tell.

    Some additional tips:

    (1) Always wear professional clothing(do not wear jeans and need not be suit either:D ) etc.

    (2) Always take 4 extra photos with you.

    (3) Make copies of all the documents everything and place them in order. Order the Original documents so that you can give the Officer the moment they ask instead of searching. Searching irritates the officer sometimes.

    (4) Never Ever joke when he talks about the country's problems, terrorism,infrastructure,faith of people,quality of people living in other regions. We are there strictly to complete the AOS interview and get out of there. No one is asking us, our opinion what we feel about issues nor one appreciates talking about their fellow citizens,faith.THey take these things seriously even though it "MAY" not have effect on the I485 approval but still then it is totally unnecessary digging out hole for our burial.

    (5) NEVER EVER Open your mouth and say something the officer never asked. Always answer to the questions they asked and give the documents they asked. Not a word more or less and not a document more or less. The more enthu we go for the more we dig ourselves in quicksand. Thumb Rule: If you have all the documentation you can go yourself. Moreover the attorney does not have a role to play and they sit like statue there and the questions are directed to us and we need to answer the questions.

    Future Employement Tips:

    (1) Always take the employment letters: (a) The offer letter dated when the Labor Certification is filed. (b) Offer letter that states continuing offer letter(dated the day before the interview or during the week). (c) A letter addressing to the immigration officer stating your job, salary, responsibilities.

    (2) Take the current job employment with your Status eg. EAD or H1, your salary, role and responsiblities etc. ( they should be more or less same as the role and responsibilities in Labor Certificaion filed).

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  • gchopes
    08-04 04:04 PM
    my2cents - Agreed and Understood. But what if you are not on H1/H4 and just on EAD/AP aka AOS status. In that case you cannot mail the second AP and return on that. You need to return on the first AP.

    Not True

    All dual intention like H1b/H4 are treated differently. For those AOS applicants where they also have H1b/H4 status ( Not necessarily VISA stamped) ..they need to be here when filed and if they leave after filing then neither I-485 or I-131 will get cancelled.

    After approval, you can mail them.

    I have known 2 person whose spouses came without problem.

    Now , If you are F1 or B1 pure non immigrant VISA and you leave without it being approved then you are in problem.

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  • insbaby
    07-14 12:43 PM
    I called uscis and they have asked me to refile I-765. They said they will issue new EAD with extended dates. Not sure how long will it take. And i dont believe issuing 3 month EAD was intentional. They probbaly wont have any idea when the 485 would be adjudicated when they approve EAD.

    You have PD as Nov 2005, EB2.
    Now the VB is on 2006.
    They must have known atleast a month back.
    They issued just 3 months extension

    All matching perfectly and result will be good one for you....

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  • santb1975
    02-14 06:08 PM
    Are we??


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  • Ann Ruben
    03-08 07:10 AM
    Hi Prem,

    Your sister will certainly be subject to greater scrutiny if she returns immediately to the US after an extended stay. Whether she is is ultimately admitted to the US or denied admission and sent back home really depends on several factors. First, can your sister persuasively demonstrate that she has strong ties to her home in India, to which she intends to return at the conclusion of her business trip? Next, can she document that she will be engaged in permissible B-1 activities of limited duration? And finally, on what side of the bed did the CBE officer wake up?

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  • gcnirvana
    04-27 08:25 PM
    Yep, true. But, sounds like there's just too many Bills floating around, this year!

    This one is from Mathew Oh:

    04/27/2007: Disappointing News of Sponsor's No Immediate Push for Hagel High-Tech Temporary Relief Bill

    The Senator from Nebraska introduced earlier High-Tech Worker Relief bill. The employment-based immigrant community and the businesses and academic institutions had some level of hope and expectation that this bill might be acted upon as separate from the CIR. However, there is a report that Senator Hagel stated that the Senator introduced the bill intended to be handled as part of the CIR legislation process. It thus appears that all the bills which have been introduced recently were also intended by the bill sponsors to be debated and reflected in the CIR legislation process in May in the form of amendments. There we go. The Senator yesterday introduced S.1225 for the illegal immigration reform part of his own comprehensive immigration reform scheme under the name of Immigrant Accountability Act of 2007. Probably more immigration reforms bills may be introduced by other legislators before and during the Comprehensive Immigration Reform debate in the Senate next month. As we summarized on 04/22/2007, there have been developing compromises along the lines of key issues which we highlighted in the posting and media start predicting that because of these compromises, the CIR may have a better chance to pass this year than last year.
    Well, we are only inches away from the door steps of May 2007. After all, we should just focus on the upcoming CIR process rather than these piecemeal legislative bills.


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  • mariusp
    02-22 09:47 PM
    Yeah, I had to refresh the page a zillion times :) Ctrl F5

    Here are the PDFs I saved:

    I went to web site and it still shows Jan processing dates.
    How is it possible?

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  • mpadapa
    10-10 06:40 AM
    H1 extensions are never subjected to cap. But if U start using EAD (by filing I-9) then U loose H1 status and hence U break the continuity of H1, so in future if U decide to go back to H1B (for reason like 485 rejected), then U have to apply a NEW H1 which is subjected to cap (not applicable for cap-exempt employment).

    H4 is not lost when U use EAD, it is just that U R in AOS status on H4. It is similar to F1, F1 status doesn't allow ppl to work outside campus, but after U graduate, U can work anywhere on EAD (for 1yr) and still be on F1 status and travel using F1. The same Q is answered by susan henner on the IV free conf on Sep 30, the recording of that can be found at

    augustus U'r lawyer is absolutely correct. Come on folks don't scare people..

    Afaik, you can file for an H1 extension without being subject to caps as long as an AOS pending. For instance, you can take a break and go to school, and then file for another H1 extension - it won't be subject to the caps. Confirm it with your lawyer.



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  • rnvd
    10-30 04:41 PM
    Hi rsdang,
    Its not with AdvanceParole. Because i had I-94 mistake in the past. It may reflect in their systems but USCIS already apporoved my H1b.

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  • vishage
    12-21 11:17 AM
    Will be there for the conf call...:) :) :)


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  • pappu
    05-31 04:33 PM
    After seeing United to Secure America's lobbying expenses- 600K, I feel we are very lucky to have achieved so much within a meagre amount. I am sure lobbying is very expensive and there was no way we could have hired a firm. We should thank QGA to have agreed to help us out.

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  • vine93
    08-06 09:19 PM
    Please sit together and talk.


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  • puskeygadha
    12-02 07:32 AM
    but employer keeps the LC and I-140. If I move to new employer
    what is the proof that my I-140 was approved.


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  • ash0210
    12-02 11:53 AM
    **** READ question 3 from May12,2005 MEMO (or search/read the full Memo)

    20 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20529 HQPRD 70/6.2.8-P To: REGIONAL DIRECTORS SERVICE CENTER DIRECTORS From: William R. Yates /S/ Associate Director for Operations United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Department of Homeland Security Date: May 12, 2005

    Memorandum for Service Center Directors, et al.


    Question 3. What is �same or similar� occupational classification for purposes of I-140 portability?

    Answer:When making a determination if the new employment is the �same or similar� occupational classification in comparison to the employment in the initial I-140, adjudicators should consider the following factors:
    A. Description of the job duties contained in the ETA 750A or the initial I-140 and the job duties of the new employment to determine if they are the �same or similar� occupational classification.

    B. The DOT code and/or SOC code assigned to the initial I-140 employment for petitions that have a certified ETA 750A or consider what DOT and/or SOC code is appropriate for the position for an initial I-140 that did not require a certified ETA 750A. Then consider the DOT code and/or SOC code, whichever is appropriate for the new position to make a determination of �same or similar� occupational classification.

    C. A substantial discrepancy between the previous and the new wage. (See Question 5 of this section for further clarification).


    Is it ok to have a title of Business Analyst and do software development? Programmer Analyst makes more sense for the position. Like wise Is it ok to have a programmer analyst title for a systems administrator? What kind of issues can one expect if the title and job duties/resume are not in sync?



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  • shreekhand
    08-12 05:54 PM

    Your PD has been current for only 12 days, it is in no way overdue. I would seriously continue to find more info and scale up efforts only after a couple of months. The real test of patience begins after the PD has become current.

    That said, I have seen others get the reply you got before and then gotten approved in a few weeks

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  • avi101
    05-19 04:30 PM
    A few more questions:

    1. While the I-140 is pending, can I get a different lawyer to file the I-485?

    2. If I wait until the I-140 is approved and then get a different lawyer to process my I-485 (or do it myself), will this be a problem?

    3. Can my employer withdraw the I-140 AFTER it's been approved?

    Please advise me.

    1. Yes you can.. but how is it going to help? you still need your employer's support letter and I140 receipt notice. Read all the posts carefully.

    2. No problem. But why? Your employer is your 1st problem, lawyer 2nd. Lawyer is going to listen to your employer for labor and I140. They have to legally. you need to get the employment letter and I140 notice. Law firms and employer are not legally obligated to provide you I140 related information as its employer who is petitioning for you.

    3. Yes.


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  • Mount Soche
    09-04 10:23 PM
    Don't know much about how long medical tests are valid for but for sure the test has changed. I medical took a test last year for the employer sponsored green card and just took another medical test in August for another green card petition and my doctor told me that they're much stricter with the TB section.
    I saw the form and it is totally different. They're asking for more detail.

    I had to take another vaccine, which wasn't required last year.


    Due to the priority data transfer issue my I-485 application was rejected in June'08 (submitted based on June'08 visa bulletin).

    As part of my application necessary medical exam tests were conducted in May'08. If I were to submit my application today based on the new visa bulletin do you think I need to take all medical exams again and re-submit? Won't the first set of medical exams have any validity?

    Also, on the forums there is a talk about medical forms being changed? Can anyone confirm?

    Thanks in advance for all your responses.

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  • LostInGCProcess
    03-03 12:02 PM
    Yes, the wording is very important. When I sent the AC21 documentation, it was just a letter explaining employment details and particulars, but when I replied to NOID, they specifically requested "prospects of employment" - and we responded as "this is a full time permanent job and the prospects are good" - which means they see it as future employment.

    As long as you have worked for original employer for a good period of time, stick to your skills, have good w2 history, you don't have to worry - you can always show that your prospects are good.

    Though Green card if for future employment - the entire process revolves around how best you fit the future employment category - AC21 is one such rule that gives you room and flexibility.

    Thanks for your quick response. I might as well ask one more question that's in my mind. Did you go thru the company's attorney or you hired yourself? I really don't trust my company's attorney as they work for the best interest of the company rather then the employees...may not be the norm but mostly its that way.
    Could you PM me if you know good attorney's other then Ms Murthy (cause they are expensive)

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  • marlon2006
    06-13 02:49 PM
    Hi Renata,
    I am from Brazil as well. My PD is April 2002. This cut-off date is making my professional life miserable. My wife questions on whether it is worthed the wait or we should just go to the South in Brazil and enjoy professional freedom there.

    I hope that the potential unused visas from EB2 World can get transferred to EB3 World in October. Also, who knows perhaps the visa numbers on October 2006 can make our dates advance to 2002 ? Let's see, but in this process, nothing is certain. The only thing that it seems certain is that USCIS/DOS made a remark that advancement in cut-off dates should slow down or even retrogress further this Summer. Gloom scenario.

    Hi camberiu,

    my PD is November 2001 and we are hoping that next bulletin will get us there. Keeping our fingers crossed. I am from Europe and my husband from Brazil (on H4 and probably the only unemployed software engineer!!!!!) We cannot wait to file and get his EAD! Good luck!


    11-10 03:36 PM
    Go for it! She can volunteer (obviously, she cannot get paid for the work she will do). I think it is a great idea to volunteer to establish connections and gain work experience to get ready for a real job.

    My wife did the same thing when she was on H-4 and HR had no issues with that.


    08-27 10:41 AM
    Does anybody know which is the current processing date for audited PERM cases? DOL claims March -May 2007 PDs, but I personalley know people filed in Oct 2007 and got audited due to Fragomen are approved. And also can somebody confirm if there is only one processing center (Atlanta) for PERM processing

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