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  • skagitswimmer
    June 5th, 2005, 09:46 PM
    I have a new eos 350 and am slowly starting to learn to use it. One problem I seem to be having is that on some of my flower shots I am finding that the reds and yellows seem to get blown. I am sure the exposure is right because I bracket like crazy. And I am shooting in raw and then use the slidebar and curve in the photoshop CS raw converter to tone down the image untill the clipping is all gone. But there is still no detail in the area in question - which was the area that showed up as blown out or clipped in the raw image.

    The area I am talking about is the petal on the far side of the flower near the center of the image.

    I would have assumed that because it shows up as clipped in the initial RAW image then there is no recoverable detail. However if I desaturate the image almost completely or add reds I do get some detail in the blown area.

    I am using a photoshop colourspace in the camera. Saturation and exposure are set to normal.

    Is this a problem with me or with the camera?

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  • alien2006
    06-13 01:44 PM
    My guess is you will be current in September 2006, may be October latest. But keep your fingers crossed. Logic does not apply too well with these things.

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  • avi101
    05-19 04:10 AM
    Here's my 2c
    - I guess you may already be aware that you can file I485 only if your PD is current.
    - Don't delay applying for your I140. Atleast get that going. The more you delay, the more things may change, rules may change at USCIS.. you never know. Plus, once you get your I40 approved and if you decide to quit your current employer you should be able to port your Priority Date. (There are conflicting opinions on what happens should the employer revoke your I140, so research more on that.) If DOL comes out with rule to end labor substitution, then your employer wont have any benefit in revoking your I140. A decision on labor substitution may be coming soon.
    - Beside the I140 application notice, you also need employment support letter from your employer for your I485 as yours is an employment based GC. Your employer can delay all they want. My suggestion would be get in good terms with him\her (I know its difficult but suck up for some time), see if you can work out an NON-WRITTEN agreement on continuing to work for an extended period of time. If you put something in writing saying that you wont work afte r x number of months, it could potentially hurt you. GC needs good faith intent from both employer and beneficiary. Your employer can use that against you. Also, if there are any I140 RFEs you may still need your employer's help.

    So don't burn bridges if you can. If you can't tolerate your employer any more, atleast try to get your I140 applied and approved so that you have a shot at retaining your PD.

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  • raju123
    06-26 02:51 PM
    Numberusa reported following possible 24 amendments and Cantwell/Kyl amendment is not there. I hope this news is not right.

    Democratic Amendments

    * Dodd-Menendez S.A. 1199: would increase the annual cap on green cards for parents and extend the parent visitor visa.
    * Webb S.A. 1313: Community ties for [amnesty]
    * Baucus-Tester S.A. 1236: would strike all reference[s] to REAL ID.
    * Sanders-Grassley S.A. 1332 : prohibits companies that have announced mass lay-offs from receiving any new visas, unless these companies could prove that overall employment at their companies would not be reduced by these lay-offs.
    * Byrd-Gregg-Cochran S.A. 1344: adds a $500 fee to obtain [amnesty] and sets aside the revenues collected in order to fund border and interior enforcement.
    * Menendez-Obama-Feingold S.A. 1317: increases family points in merit system
    * Brown S.A. 1340: requires that before employers can be approved to employ Y-1 workers, they must have listed the specific job opportunity with the state employment service agency.
    * McCaskill S.A. 1468: increases ban on federal contracts, grants or cooperative agreements to employers who are repeat violators of hiring immigrants who are not authorized to work
    * Levin-Brownback S.A.1486: gives access to Iraqis to apply for refugee status under existing U.S. law.
    * Leahy S.A. 1386: protect scholars who have been persecuted in their home countries on account of their beliefs, scholarship, or identity.
    * Schumer: provides for tamper-proof biometric social security cards
    * Boxer S.A. 1198: reduces Y visa cap by number of Y workers who overstay

    Republican Amendments

    * Alexander S.A. 1161: requires DHS and the Department of State to notify a foreign embassy when one of their nationals has become a U.S. citizen
    * Bond S.A. 1255: prohibits green cards for [illegal aliens granted amnesty]
    * Coleman S.A. 1473: outlaws state and local policies that prevent public officials * including police and health and safety workers (except for emergency medical assistance)*from inquiring about the immigration status of those they serve if there is �probable cause� to believe the individual being questioned is undocumented.
    * Domenici S.A. 1335/1258: increases Federal judgeships
    * Ensign S.A. 1490: redetermines work history for current beneficiaries of social security depending on their citizenship status
    * Graham S.A. 1465: enforcement. Still being drafted.
    * Grassley-Baucus-Obama S.A. 1441: strikes and replaces Title III on employer enforcement
    * Hutchinson S.A. 1440: changes the �touchback� requirement from the time of applying for adjustment of status, as it currently stands in the Senate proposed bill, to the time of applying for the Z visa. Increases the number of individuals required to touchback
    * Thune S.A. 1174: prevents [illegal aliens] from [being granted amnesty] until all triggers have been met.
    * Chambliss S.A. 1318: Totalization agreements
    * Isakson S.A. 1282: Preemption/Home Depot
    * Graham: Criminal penalties/mandatory minimums for overstays

    There is a news in news article thread that Senators Cantwell & Kyl have proposed a amendment which will open up a parallel employer sponsored GC path. Anyone has information regarding this amendment?


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  • sangeethak31
    07-13 05:51 PM
    Required documents for H1B Visa renewal lists the previous employers experience letter...

    Please advise me....

    Sangeetha K

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  • Jeff Wheeler
    06-08 07:25 PM
    Some really great ones. Congratulations to whomever wins (although I'm sure I'll congratulate you again), and thanks for holding this great contest. :)


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  • 90210
    05-10 08:13 PM
    I-140 approved, and more than 6 months since 485 application.

    I just used my AP. Now can I change the employer on H1? I am hearing something that the latest I-94(that I got at POE last week) has my status as AOS, so the H1 transfer may not be possible. Is this true?

    I am sure lot of the people has the same question. Can some clarify?

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  • rajeshalex
    12-10 02:18 PM
    Check with the new company whether they can give an Employment verification letter which matches the roles mentioned in ur labor?
    Designation and pay doesnt matter.

    What matters is a permanenet job offer letter and duties should match the

    Rajesh Alex


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  • shivaz90
    07-16 10:40 PM
    It's pretty strange..I really don't understand...why the entire credit is either being given to IV...or for that matter to AILA/AILF....Everyone has contributed....

    People about to file I-485 have spread the word to everyone abt the injustice done to them...whereas each organization has done its own thing...

    I won't blame or taunt AILA/AILF....because the idea of class lawsuit itself would have scared a lot of people in USCIS.....that also coming from legal organization...And filing a lawsuit takes time...there r lot of things to be considered..

    Well .. lets think for a second before trumpeting our victory here. And Victory, I mean is not achieved by one group over the other. Various groups and parties have put in thier efforts to find a resolution and to cast blame on one another is playing some childish games.

    Lets leave out our passion for a second and think "logically" for a second - which one of this scares the s*** out of the USCIS people here - flower campaign or a Class action lawsuit by bunch of immigration lawyers? I am not doubting anyone's efforts here - but to say that we have achieved victory here is too early, too short sighted and blaming other groups for not doing much is silly. As much as the flower campaign help spread the word among the media of the plight of legal immigrants - the proposed lawsuit has made USCIS tremble in thier pants.

    Sheikh - couldn't agree more here with you.

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  • sanju_dba
    09-14 04:30 PM
    Sorry I should have been more clear.

    I never worked for Company B , I am still with Company A. Company B just got the LCA approved (and they claim that they have filed for the H1b transfer). The start date with Company B as per the offer letter is 1 week from now. I informed them that I cannot join them 1 week before.

    I have same set of copies (offer letter) that I signed them, I couldn't find anything which says anything about $3000. All it says "At Will" in nature. All of a sudden these guys are coming with a 3 months story which I am not seeing and there is no evidence.

    I am afraid if they will insert a paper or something like that with in the offer letter, don't know..these guys will do anything.

    I got it.
    I think it will take like 1month atleast to get LCA. After LCA approval they can apply for H1 .
    At this stage they might have spend money on LCA only + for attorney fee if any.
    Attorneys may charge the full fee upfront so they may have incurred full legal fee , minus H1 fees.
    H1 Govt fee is payid by employer so they cannot ask that . but if they paid for attorney , then they may ask for it.
    Your concern about a additional insert into the contract papers. Are the contract pages numbered? if so you are safe. if not :rolleyes:


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  • simple1
    06-12 10:26 AM
    fake post from loser's guild.


    While in the process of filing for labor certification my company has found 2 suitable citizens who are eligible for the job.

    Now what are my options going forward and how does this affect my chances of a successful PERM filing ??

    I'm filing in EB3 category right now. Also I need to file for labor before oct since my H1 will expire its original 6 year length next Oct (Oct 2010).

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  • Navigator
    05-19 03:03 PM
    Did you pay wipro and got your relieving certificates .Please update.



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  • Appu
    04-06 10:27 PM
    There is no serious effort by the republicans. They are fractured, divided, into groups. They have no motivation to get this comprehensive bill passed. I have been observing the tactics and attitudes of these republican senators and democratic senators. I am more shocked by the game of one-upmanship on the part of Frist, Kyl, Cornyn, Craig. I don't see rhyme or reason in their sppeches. The bill has no life for the next 3 weeks.

    Well said. This whole thing is stalling simply because of Frist's presidential ambitions and Kyl's relection bid. Frist wants to distance himself from Bush and McCain - both guys supporting guest worker programs and legalization of the undocumented workers. He wants to show he is "strong on security" by pushing through a border security only bill. He is using Kyl and others to torpedo the SJC bill either on the senate floor or in the conference. Bush is too powerless to intervene.

    We are probably screwed unless Frist agrees to send a moderate group - like the SJC - to the conference instead of Kyl, Cornyn, Sessions or people like that.

    My $0.02.

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  • raysaikat
    08-04 11:36 AM
    Hi, can someone help crack this puzzle?

    I have an EB3 application with a PD of Nov 2002 (India). Filed I-485 in June 2007, along with medical forms etc. Of course, that category is 'unavailable' now.

    In 2005, we started an EB2 application, within the same company, for a new job, this one requiring a Masters degree.

    The EB2 I-140 was just approved, and the notice has the Nov 2002 Priority Date.

    The attorney had earlier said they could port the priority dates from the EB3 to EB2 and interfile.

    Now, he just called saying he is confused and not sure!

    His views:
    - There is no formal way to find out if the new I-140 was matched up with the old I-485.
    - He says he will ask his peers and will also call USCIS Customer Service.
    - He thinks we might need to file a new I-485 to support the new EB2 I-140 to show that there is a pending I-485 - because the underlying EB3 is Unavailable.

    Appreciate any inputs!


    IMHO, your best bet probably is filing another I-485 linking it with the new I-140 (EB2).


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  • GCnew
    03-17 12:45 PM
    No. I sent my application in June. It was received on June 19th.

    Its good to be optmisitic but one thing I have learnt after waiting for so long for my green card is that this process is so screwed up that you can never expected anything that would follow a common sense of logic.

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    07-09 03:28 PM
    even now?

    Thats strange.....

    What is strange ?? He used PP in June when it was still available. USCIS suspended PP only for new cases to process what they already had.

    I can't wait to get the chance to upgrade mine .... not that I will do anything with it for a while (other than H1B extension) but is nice to have the approval in your pocket.


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  • wizpal
    02-24 01:01 AM
    I am ready to attend the state chapter and local law makers..

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  • trramesh
    11-09 02:03 PM
    Please post this information on other sites to get more people to participate in this survey. The survey ends on Dec 15.

    Is this survey open to every one beyond donor forum.

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  • spicy_guy
    04-08 04:58 PM
    I believe the intention of not moving too much beyond jul 06 , may be to make some spill over benfit happen to EB3 also. If they open the gate for EB2 now, lots of 485 application may come in and there may not be spill over to EB3. :)


    See how bad EB3 I shape is...

    7,100 until 2002 Dec. That means, 2.5+ years before it hits Jan 1, 2003.
    What about the people with PD > 2005. 33,400 / 2800 per year. 11+ years. :)


    11-09 10:13 AM
    You can check all LUD and all statistics by google. Add your case after log into google. see the link for details

    08-25 04:38 PM

    My approval happened on April 24th , 2008 . I got the physical card on 08/03/08.

    Here are the case details


    Priority date - 05/2003
    140 approved - 10/2006 from TSC
    485,131,765 RD-6/04/2007 at TSC, notices received - 06/07/2007
    CA, EB2
    Wife's case returned due to some error,send it again & received on 06/17/2007 as per Fedex
    Wife's case RD- 7/10/2007
    my case - I131 - approved - 7/24/07
    spouse case - I131- approved- 09/12/07
    EAD approved for spouse - 08/20/07
    EAD approved - 10/25/2007 - for me
    LUD in my case - 485, - 7/11/07, 11/02/2007,11/28/2007,11/29/2007
    LUD in 485 case for spouse - 10/04/2007 ( after FP ), LUD - 11/14/2007,11/28/2007,11/29/2007
    FP for spouse - 08/08/07 , I rescheduled it.
    FP scheduled - 10/03/07 - Done
    FP scheduled - 12/12/2007 -
    Case approval for me (email ) - 04/24/08
    FP( for 485 ) -05/17/08
    Physical card- 08/03/08
    Wife 's case is still pending & no updates.. ( raised a SR , would follow up next month )

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