Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • jayz
    07-15 01:39 PM

    How did you get this link? The Chennai website still shows dates for July 2008?


    Chennai Consulate has released the August appointment schedule on their site.

    I got an appointment too.. yahoooooooooo...

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  • ramus
    01-23 01:33 PM
    You need DS-157 only if you are between 15-55 age. When you finish DS-156 it should show you only if you need it. If you don't need it, I think you won't see it..
    If you not already please send letter for admin fixes.
    __________________________________________________ ___

    Thank you very much for all the replies.

    Online we filled D-156 form (I guess you meant D-156 right?) but where is 157 (D or I but where do you find 157 form).?

    Thank you.

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  • Ramba
    01-23 06:51 PM
    Sorry for little confusion.
    What I mean was,
    - I filed I-485 for me and my wife
    - then after 180 days I switched to a new company with H1B transfer.
    - So, I am still in H1B status.
    - But my wife (secondary applicant) is using EAD based on I-485 and working.

    Which means we used AC21 for portability of our I-140 and I-485 cases.
    Now, we are planning to travel home to India. My wife need to use AP and I will still be using H1B visa.
    So, my question was, whether there will be issue at Port of Entry when primary applicant(which is me) is still in H1B visa with pending I-485 and my wife is using EAD with AP?

    Normally if both have independent valid travel document, you are fine. It does not make any difference if primary use H1B and spouse use AP, but it may confuse the IO at POE, if they ask lot of questions, (who is your employer, Are you working for GC sponsering employer etc..)

    IO at POE may not know all the rules regarding AC21/485/AP/H1 etc.. If you are entering in H1, the natural tendency that your spose will enter in H4. If you answer properly, you are fine..

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  • spulapa
    02-02 12:26 PM
    Congratulations maine_gc...!!!

    Have fun...!!


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  • priderock
    05-15 10:35 AM
    Wonder how many core group members benefited with this forward movement !!

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  • linuxra
    01-13 12:53 PM
    Hi anybody can have any idea,My employment record and everything is good
    no way related to their things will it affect my gc


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  • Sakthisagar
    10-04 08:49 AM

    Folks, who is in PA, Please take a print out of this document.

    and show them the column, "Lawful Temporary Residents" they cannot refuse to give licence, the employees in DMV should get a training, Otherwise contact Harrisburg, PA DMV and talk to an officer, get his name and let the people who refuse, to call him and talk to him about the revised law 8 months back.

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  • pinoyInDC
    06-25 03:12 PM
    The reason for rushing the application is that it could retrogress midway during the month of July. It may seem unlikely but you never know. That's one reason to file it as early as possible.

    But i did not know the attorney would like to file it in June for me. I just wanted to find out if anyone's sent it early and received receipt.

    It doesn't matter if it retrogress midway during the month of July, USCIS must accept ALL otherwise eligible I485s filed by July 31. While Priority Dates could retrogress say in August, USCIS will adjudicate I-485 applications that were filed prior to retrogression only if the individual�s Priority Date is current at the time they review it. For example, if your Priority Date is EB-3 06/01/2006 and the August 2007 Visa Bulletin retrogresses that category�s date to 04/02/2006, USCIS will continue to hold your pending I-485 but will not process it until your 06/01/2006 Priority Date becomes current again. Therefore, one�s Priority Date (the date the Labor Certification Application was filed) will likely again supercede the filing date of the I-485. While it is important to file the I-485 by July 31, it is probable that no advantage will be gained on the basis of one having been filed earlier than another.


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  • phillyag
    07-20 02:17 PM
    I'm confused - what is the point of applying for AP if you aren't also applying for EAD?

    Yes, I believe you can apply for EAD yourself

    I believe one can travel on AP. For current employer EAD is only needed when I do not have H1 status.
    If i am correct.

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  • immi_seeker
    07-16 07:46 PM


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  • santb1975
    02-14 03:37 PM
    Thanks for sending the letters out. We hope to see you at our next event

    I would have loved to attend, but since this a long weekend I am going out on Friday and will not be back until Monday.

    Just FYI.. I did send the letters last week.


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  • xmmx10
    11-19 12:16 PM
    Damn...I saw it was Apr 2007 for NSC and when I rechecked its back to Oct bulletin. What the hey...

    For Nebraska:

    For Texas:

    Summary for I485:
    Nebraska has processed most applications that it has had for 7 months (filed on or before April 14 2007).
    Texas has processed most applications that it has had for 6 months.

    Since 6 months is the target, Texas can be considered to be caught up, and Nebraska will likely have caught up next month.

    For I485 that makes the visa bulletin the main issue.


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  • satyasaich
    08-28 08:36 AM
    to tell you the truth, DO NOT make silly statements at all. like someone said in this forum, we ARE professionals and dignified individuals with a wide array of qualifications by virtue of which WE are doing jobs in this country. some of us are here working for more than 8 years, some others may be 3 years, some others may have just begun.
    Don't waste your time.if this country wants to loose wizards like who created hotmail or google, please let your lawmakers know that. and let me know the response you get.

    I hope you all boycot the work and do a rally. That will help those Americans replaced by you, to finally get their job back. Or even better that will help the millions of tech workers in India, who wants to get your job, a chance. So go for it.

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  • anilsal
    01-25 09:39 AM
    the campaign.


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  • guyfromsg
    07-18 08:34 PM
    I am in the same situation. I just got the tracking number from my lawyer for the fedex that he had sent on June 30 and he has sent it to Dallas . I live and work in California. I went through the Direct Filing press release and the USCIS link : D&vgnextchannel=fe529c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

    and now I am confused as to whether my lawyer did the right thing or its ok to send the application to Dallas??

    Anyone any thoughts???

    Here is my opinion. I read in some posts that they will redirect the document internally to the correct processing center. The direct filing rule comes into effect on July 30th and they may be strict about filing center after that. As I said this is my opinion. Let me see if I can find the official answer in USCIS site.

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  • wildcat1313
    03-26 02:08 AM
    Yesterday, I went for my H1b stamping but was issued a 221G. I had all documents that the VO asked for.

    1. Client Letter with detailed job descriptions.
    2. Vendor Letter with detailed job requirements and skillsets required
    3. Contract between my company & Vendor.
    4. Work-Order from client to vendor.
    5. All W2/pay Slips
    6. Company Tax return for last 2 years.
    7. Unemployment wage report
    8. Notarized copy of all employees with location, salary, start date , end date.
    9. Copy of filing with USCIS.
    10. All timesheets esablishing employee/employer relationship as well as billing timesheets

    VO refused the visa saying he wants to see the contract between employer & end client. Vendor is saying they cannot provide it because of legal issues but are willing to provide a detailed letter stating the same.

    I have been with the same employer for last 7 years and never been on bench with I-140 approved. Have worked for same client earlier for 4 years, took a break as I was bored, worked for another client for a year, came back and have been working there for last 2 years now. Client is very co-operative and is willing to help in anyway they can as they need my services.

    What are my chances of getting tbe visa without the original contract?
    I had to travel to India because of a family emergency. My family is in US as kids are in school. I would really appreciate if you can answer.


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  • qasleuth
    05-06 11:02 PM
    Dear IV Members,

    I know this is an immigration forum but I thought if I can get some valuable advice.

    A couple of days back, the police forced into our apartment saying that they have heard a complain about domestic violence. I was surprised because the only thing that happenned was that our child was crying during that time. They came inside and started searching our small apartment and started to interogate me. In our bedroom, there is space where we keep our deities and do Puja. My wife is a little bit more religious than me - so she requested them not to go to that space with shoes on. However, they did not listen and just went wherever they wanted. This I think is a disrespect to other culture. Later, when they did not find anything, they just left. We were dumb-founded. We were scared too.... In our building, we are the only Indian/foreigner. This might probably leave a permanant scar in the child's mind when he sees his father interrogated for nothing.

    Can someone advice if we can take the matter to someone? Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated.

    This is just horrible that you had to go through such an ordeal. In my opinion: There is no need to educate anybody. If they disrespected something you believe in, then shame on them.
    If you are innocent the most important thing to remember in such a situation is giving consent to 'search'. Once you give consent then you might lose the right to fight against such an infraction. If you did not give consent and they 'forced' themselves into your apartment then it is against your fourth amendment rights. Now the next question you might want to ask yourself: Now that the incident happened, what do you want to do about it? If you do not want to spend money on a lawyer, contact your local ACLU or NAACP chapter and seek advice. You have every right to do what needs to be done to feel better after being abused. And more importantly, when you lodge a complaint (after seeking advice from ACLU guys and/or lawyer) it triggers action, hopefully those officers will get some kind of training on respecting other cultures.

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  • santb1975
    02-15 01:22 PM

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  • STAmisha
    11-15 12:42 PM
    You dont need a new H1 to come back to USA from Canada.All you need it is a valid I-94 and I-797. Dont surrender the I-94 at the border. This rule is called automatic revalidation rule.

    06-13 01:25 PM
    The number at the bottom of the poll is the number of individual voters. Since people can vote for multiple entries, you adding up the total number votes is just that - the total number of votes. It isn't the total number of people who voted.

    I voted for about 10 entries, but that doesn't mean that 10 people voted, for example ;)

    08-04 06:11 PM

    I just spoke with customer service representative, She said 2 A #s are not at all problem and she said one more thing to make sure that I485 A # should appear in GC when it will approve.

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